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Do I have to gradually increase pills?

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  • Do I have to gradually increase pills?

    If I'm going to be taking diet pills with caffeine in them, do I need to take the full dose right away from the start, or should I begin with a smaller amount and then build my way up to the full amount?

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    I guess it depends on how much caffeine is in them and how much caffeine you're used to through coffee etc. It couldn't hurt if you start gradually, but you likely won't get the full effects of the pills until you go full-force so i wouldn't judge them until you get to that point.


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      I agree. You probably don't have to but it couldn't hurt as long as you don't judge it until you're taking the full amount.


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        I think if you're nervous, try them gradually. All it can do is shrink the benefits, but at least you'll feel better about using them safely for yourself if you're unsure.