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  • water weight

    I hate gaining water weight but I have seen bad reviews of products that flush out excess weight. Are products that stop you from retaining water bad?

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    I do'nt think they're good. You really risk dehydrating


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      I agree with Pamela Poison. If something prevents you from retaining water, chances are that you'll risk not providing your body with the amount of water it needs.It would be better to just lower your salt intake and make sure you drink plenty of water thought the day. This should help you control water retention issues.


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        They are not good for you. They should be avoided. It's true what Lady Greenfairy said, the best way to avoid retaining too much water is to actually drink more water and lower your salt intake. You will be less bloated, as well.


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          I agree with everyone else. Avoid products that are designed to stop you from retaining water. They can cause more harm than good. Staying hydrated is VERY important to your health, not just for weight loss.


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            If you want to lose water weight, all you need to do is drink water. That sounds odd, but it will convince your body that it doesn't have to retain water to remain hydrated so it will release the extra storage.