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Do the best diet pills contain caffeine?

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  • Do the best diet pills contain caffeine?

    I know that a lot of diet pills contain caffeine in some shape or form. Does caffeine help to make a diet pill effective? Also, are there certain types of caffeine that are better than others?

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    Caffeine can make a diet pill more effective. There is some scientific evidence that it can help in several different ways. It does not produce direct weight loss. Mother Nature has not created anything that will just make weight fall off your body and nor has humankind and its scientific abominations.

    What caffeine can do for weight loss is that it will increase the metabolic rate. If you just pop a caffeine pill on its own, that won’t do anything that you will ever be able to measure. But if you combine it with exercise and increased hydration, it helps to make sure that all of your cardio workouts burn more calories and fats than they would if you did them without the caffeine.

    Caffeine also increases your blood pressure which, in many people, reduces the appetite. This makes it easier for you to eat less, but it is still up to you to choose the right foods. If all you eat is twinkies, even if you’re eating less, then you will still gain weight.

    Finally, caffeine boosts energy. This is good to help you exercise and to keep you motivated. There is nothing that makes you want to give up more than when you are tired.


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      That's very informative enviroTodd. I didn't know caffeine did all of that for weight loss. I thought it was good, but I never knew how exactly.


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        Another thing about caffeine giving you energy isn't just that you feel motivated, but it also help you to just be energized enough to actually do a workout to the best of your ability. Instead of really dragging during the last 10 minutes like you're in the Sahara with no water, it will help you to just power on through, so that gives you more calorie burning and will help you to progress faster.


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          Thanks. That is exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you, especially, enviroTodd for providing such a detailed response. I feel like I have a grater understanding of how caffeine can help with weight loss in a very realistic way.


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            I had no idea that caffeine did so much. I honestly thought that all it really did was give you more energy. And to be clear, you don't get these same benefits when you drink tea or coffee, right? And that's because the dosage is too low, or something like that?