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  • Glucomannan

    I've seen a lot of diet pills/products with glucomannan as the main active ingredient and I've read that it can cause appetite suppression because it does actually expand in your belly with water. Although, I've never tried it, I'm wondering if this would actually make it the best natural appetite suppressant for weight loss. Thoughts?

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    There are a lot of fibers like glucomannan that are supposed to expand in your belly. So far, they have proven with research that the substance does absorb a lot of water to the point that it expands to several times its original size. However, it hasn’t reached the point that it is proven to work safely and effectively. The following issues happen when you try to use expanding products to suppress the appetite:
    • Depending on the claim, it usually says it will expand to 50 times its original weight (not necessarily its physical size). That will all depend on how much water you’ve had to drink and you can’t forget that the term “up to” was used. Also, keep in mind that those supplements are very light. Would holding the weight of 50 in your belly fill you up? Maybe...
    • A lot of these fibers expand and cause stomach upset. They create bloating, swelling, gas, and massive cramping. A lot of people don’t use these pills comfortably at all.
    • Just because your appetite is suppressed, it doesn’t mean it has happened enough to make you eat less. Plus if you continue to eat tons of calories, even if you’re eating less it won’t benefit your weight loss.


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      Those are all really good points enviroTodd. I was also curious about the effects that these fiber-based supplements had and I'm glad you mentioned all that. So many of the products that use glucomanan constantly say that it's safe to take and there are no side effects...but personally stomach upset, bloating, gas, cramping, etc. sound like unpleasant side effects to me. Plus, the idea of something expanding in my stomach kind of creeps me out a little haha.


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        Most have too little glucomannan to help.