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Don't be afraid of caffeine

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  • Don't be afraid of caffeine

    I have been avoiding any diet pills with caffeine for a long time. I thought that they were bad. I'm not a fan of energy drinks so I lumped them all into the same group. I've been trying one that has a bit of caffeine in it (about the same amount as a black coffee) and what a difference in the afternoons! I feel like I don't need some kind of nap all the time. It's not just helping me be energized enough to go for a walk after work, but also to actually get stuff done in the afternoon when I usually drag. The key is in how much. I wish I'd learned this eons ago. The right amount of caffeine makes a world of difference.

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    Good point. Like one cup of coffee is fine for most people, but don't have 12. I guess you can say the same thing for the amount of caffeine in a formula. Well said.