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Is my maximum heart rate weird?

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  • Is my maximum heart rate weird?

    My fitbit tells me that I'm reaching my peak heart rate when I do stuff that isn't even making me out of breath. Is that the device being wrong or is my maximum heart rate odd?

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    I think I'd either test out my heart rate on another device or talk to my doc about that one. Can you use a blood pressure monitor (a home one or the kind a lot of pharmacies have) to check to see if the heart rate it records is similar to the one you have on your fitbit? That could at least help you to know if it's getting a good read when you're not active.


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      How long are you keeping up that maximum rate. If it's only a minute or two, you might not get out of breath. It's a matter of sustaining it. If you keep it up for a while, do you get out of breath then?


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        Whenever anyone talks about heart stuff, I always think the best advice is to ask a doctor. In this case, you might even get away with asking a personal trainer...or even a customer service rep at fitbit, who might know about how the device reads things and if that happens a lot.


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          Mine is pretty weird like that, too. So it's probably normal. If you feel dizzy or really think things are off, talk to your doc. but you're probably fine. Mine's like that. It's way low, then crazy high and I'm not even picking up my breathing or sweating.