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  • Tight Calf Muscle

    Every time I give my best workout for walking, running or jogging, my left calf muscle tightens up. it isn't actually too bad while I'm working out but it's miserable for the rest of the day. It's hard to stand from chairs and for the first while that I walk around, it's stiff and painful. Is it my stride? I want to keep pushing myself so I can get results.

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    It sounds to me like you have a muscle injury. It may be a good idea to rest that leg for a bit instead of keeping up with intense exercise you've been doing. I get that you want to keep going to get results, but if you keep pushing yourself you'll likely only make it worse.


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      It could actually be your footwear restricting your ankles or feet or stiff ankles that are causing you to have a tight calf muscle. Sometimes the actual area where you are feeling the discomfort is being caused by another part of your body not functioning as it should or it being strained, causing your other muscles to strain and suffer the consequences. What shoes do you wear when you workout? Also, may try doing some ankle stretches or exercises. Depending on the level of intensity that you're working out, you might need to warm up first.


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        Sounds like a strain or something like that. Have you tried a foam roller after your workouts?