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Cooking with aloe?

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  • Cooking with aloe?

    My grocery store was selling these huge aloe leaves this week. I've never seen them at the store before so I picked one up. Now that it's home, I have no idea what to do with it. Do I cook with it or is it just for treating burns and things like that?

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    I think I would just use it topically for medicinal reasons like treating a burn or even just as a nice plant in your home. I think you can eat aloe, but you need to be careful with it because I'm pretty sure it functions like a laxative, so if you're not careful it could cause more problems than it's worth as a food.


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      You can cook with it, juice it or eat it raw (e.g. add it to salads, etc.). I've personally never done it, but apparently depending on how you prepare it changes its texture. Apparently in its raw state it is kinda slimy but this goes away if you cook it. I think it's also supposed to have a bitter taste. Personally it doesn't appeal to me, but I think it does offers some health benefits. That said, I agree with Wolfmoon, I also have heard that it has laxative effects. Therefore, it's really important that you don't eat too much of it.


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        Really??? You can eat Aloe? The same plant that you use for treating burns?? That doesn't sound right...


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          I didn't know you could cook it. I've always known you can add the gel to something you drink but I didn't know you could cook it, too. I heard about the side effects if you eat too much, too. It's something you should have in very small doses no matter what you want to do with it.