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are saturated fats really bad?

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  • are saturated fats really bad?

    For my whole life, I've been hearing saturated fats are bad. I know trans fats are definitely bad, that hasn't changed, but saturated fats were supposedly the reason for a lot of heart disease and obesity but now I'm seeing things that say that they're not so bad after all or that they're fine altogether as long as you don't eat too many calories' worth. Does it turn out they're okay?

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    I've heard the same thing. I'm not sure though. I guess as with everything, just aim for moderation. Don't overdo it and you'll be fine. Enjoy your food! Right?


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      I don't think they're great for you if you have too much, but a small amount doesn't hurt. It's not the best for you, but it's not the worst either.


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        they're not as harmful as we used to think but you still shouldn't have too much, just like any fat for that matter.


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          Thanks! I had a feeling it might be like that. It makes it so much easier to enjoy food when everything isn't always labelled as bad for you!