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Oranges for dessert, daily walks and FENFAST 375

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  • Oranges for dessert, daily walks and FENFAST 375

    I've decided to put all the winter damage behind me and focus on self-care, wellness and health. I'm having oranges and other fruits like that for dessert instead of cakes and candies. I'm going for walks every day, and I'm taking FENFAST 375 to help keep me on track. Over time, I'll keep making more improvements. I'm starting small and manageable so I'll set the habits, then I'll just keep adding when I'm ready. I'm feeling good about this and wanted to share. Anyone want to join me in taking small steps at a time?

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    That sounds like a good plan. I might consider doing something similar to what you're doing. I might use this weekend to plan out what little changes I want to make instead of focusing on the bigger things right now. I like this.


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      Thanks! I hope you update here if you do start making little changes like I do. I admit that I dropped the ball to a certain extent last weekend because it was Easter so there was a very heavy dinner and a lot of chocolate involved. But I feel like if I am making long term changes for most days, then there is room for the occasional celebration like a holiday without causing too much harm. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I'm back to paying closer attention to what I eat today and am feeling good about it.


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        I haven't had an orange in a long time. Maybe I'll pick some up at the store today and see if I like doing what you're doing!


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          I would never stick to this. It sounds great and I hope you do it, but I know I would get so bored with fruit for dessert, especially if I knew I had ice cream in the freezer.


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            I meant to post here yesterday. I've started having fruit for dessert this week instead of cakes or whatever, based on your post. I'm going to see how that goes and if it's good, I might even copy you and get fenfast375 as well to see if that works. I hope you'll update. I'd like to know how you're doing with this.