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  • what to start with first

    I know that ideal weight loss comes from both cutting calories and exercising. I know this is going to sound lame but right now I feel like if I have to face both of those things together I'll find it too hard and will want to quit right away. What should I work on first before I gradually work in the other. I guess what I mean is, should I focus on my diet first or work on getting more exercise into my life? Any tips of what worked for you guys are all welcome.

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    definitely calorie cutting. Food has the biggest impact on weight loss. Then, as you get the hang of your food, start building exercise onto it. Your rule of thumb is that eating the right number of calories help you to lose weight. Exercising while you do it stops lost weight from coming back, then eating reasonably but exercising regularly helps you maintain your results long-term.


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      I'd say food and calories since there's a bigger learning curve. You have to figure out how to eat, then when you do that, you'll have the energy to move around


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        Thank you both! This is exactly what I needed to hear. To be honest, I feel like I knew that this was going to be the answer because I think it's harder to diet than it is to exercise haha....then again maybe not. Either way, wish me luck. As of today I'm tracking my calories and working on lowering the amount I ingest!


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          If your calories are already where they should be, start with exercise. Sometimes your calories are fine but you're not moving around.