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Powering up for the rest of the season

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  • Powering up for the rest of the season

    I'm so impressed with how much of a difference Liponitro is making right now. Usually at this time, I feel like I'm dragging through mud, but I have energy! I'm making it through the day, still getting my workout done and am even making dinners nearly every night (I often make enough so I'll have leftovers the next day and won't have to cook). I don't do complicated stuff, but at least it's not all take-out!

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    That's a great strategy. I like the idea of making lots at a time, so when you do actually cook, you're getting yourself covered for more than one meal. That's smart. I'm going to start doing that today!


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      It only gets worse as December goes by, right? Having extra energy is a great idea. How's it going? Is it working?