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Is a glider and an elliptical the same machine?

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  • Is a glider and an elliptical the same machine?

    I've been taking Phenblue and I like it but I want to start to exercise more so I'm going to buy a machine. I think I want an elliptical machine, but I've seen different images of these devices and I'm confused as to which one is the best to get. Is the machine that glides and the one that doesn't the same? If not, which one offers a better overall workout?

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    No, they're not quite the same. The elliptical is like halfway between a treadmill and an exercise bike. It's not too different from a ski machine but instead of sliding your feet backward and forward like you're on skis, your feet make oval-like (ellipsis) motions. This is meant to be much easier on the joints because you're making smooth motions without impact because your feet never leave the pedals. Plus an ellipsis is meant to be a more natural motion than the circle of a bike. A strider somewhat leaves your feet in pedals while your legs swing backward and forward. You don't use your knees as much and it's also low impact. An elliptical can give you a bit of strength training for your legs while you do cardio, a strider won't do that. Striders are pure cardio


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      A glider is far, far easier on the joints, especially the knees and back. It focuses on the hips, though, and the shoulder blades. So if you're using one, go gentle on it until you know your fitness level. If you have one with adjustable tension levels, don't crank yours up too high. If you don't have adjustable tension levels, then pay attention to your speed and the length of time your'e using it.