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If I skip meals, when do I take my first Phenblue?

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  • If I skip meals, when do I take my first Phenblue?

    If I don't eat breakfast or I miss my lunch because things are so crazy at work, do I still take Phenblue at the same time as it says on the bottle or do I change that up so it's always a half hour in front of meals?

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    If you're going to take something like Phenblue, I think you might want to start eating breakfast and not skipping meals. If you're not willing to do that, you may want to consider taking something else that better suits your lifestyle. Plus, if you are trying to lose weight and that's why you're taking PhenBlue, you might want to stop skipping meals, too, because that's probably not helping your weight loss efforts. I know that making these changes can be difficult, but it's so worth it for your health and waistline!


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      You should take it at the same time every day, that's how it will work best. Try to take it at the same time to best suit your lifestyle and remember not to take it too later in the afternoon or close to bed to avoid caffeine-related side effects.


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        Maybe if you can't have a meal then at least have a snack so you can still take it like it says on the package. So maybe you can't get to your normal lunch but at least have something stashed away like a granola bar (the good kind, not the sugar-filled kind) or a bunch of cut-up veggies or a bit of yogurt you can just snack on. At least you'll have food in you when you take the pill. I don't just do that for Phenblue. I do it for any pill unless it says you must wait a long time after taking it to eat. If I take a headache pill, I'll have something to eat, just in case. I think my mother might have done that so it's ingrained in me, whether it's right or not.