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Does TRIMTHIN help strength training or just cardio?

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  • Does TRIMTHIN help strength training or just cardio?

    TRIMTHIN X700 is supposed to be an energy diet pill. So I can see how it is really helpful for cardio workouts. THose really need an energy push. But does it help other kinds of workout like strength training or even a flexibility and balance workout like yoga? I'm really curious about this.

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    Think about your strength training workout. Is there any part of it that doesn't need more energy? If not....yours are far easier than mine


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      It sure does! If you plan to do more than lift a couple of 1-pound hand weights while you binge your latest Netflix obsession, then this really is all kinds of helpful! The more energy the merrier!


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        I think I need energy more to get through a strength training workout than other kinds. The other kinds, I'm motivated to finish. I'm not wild about strength training, so I need all the help I can get!


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          Thanks. That helps me to make my choice. I've been mulling over it for a while. I guess I should get on it now that I know.