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How do you feel the energy boost?

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  • How do you feel the energy boost?

    When diet pills talk about an energy boost, does this mean that you only feel more mentally alert or do you actually feel like you're full of energy so you want to run around or something? I've never quite understood what I'm supposed to feel LOL

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    I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but for me, it's like drinking espresso, but without the racing heart. It's like someone puts a new battery in me. I think more clearly and my body feels more ready to go. I find that I do work better when I've had an energy boost and if I have to do a workout, I do'nt end up feeling like a blob halfway through. Everything just feels easier, if that makes sense. For me, it lasts around 3 or 4 hours. 3 hours if I'm already really tired and haven't had a lot of water. 4 hours if I had a good night of sleep and keep up with drinking water. I think it doesn't last long for me, though. I know someone who easily gets 5 hours out of energy boosters. I'm so jealous!


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      I just feel a lot more awake. So it's sort of energy all over. I can pay attention more and I don't run out of steam as soon during my workouts. I wouldn't say that it's like a miracle, but it's definitely enough to make a difference.