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Best time of the day for before and after weight loss pics

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  • Best time of the day for before and after weight loss pics

    I always feel I'm at my slimmest when I first wake up and that's when I weigh myself. Is that also the best time to take before and after pics to measure my weight loss? Or is that actually unrealistic because the rest of the day, I'll have eaten. It's really only for a few minutes each day that I'd look like I do when I first get up. Opinions?

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    The best time of the day is likely right when you weigh yourself, for the exact reason that you're weighing yourself at that time. You're less likely to have an altered outcome because of how much or little you happened to eat that day. It might be you at your slimmest, but it's also you at your point that will be the most consistent for results.


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      Probably whenever you know you'll do it consistently. If you won't remember to do it consistently first thing in the morning, then not then. Just try to be as consistent as possible with everything


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        I like first thing in the morning too because my stomach is always flattest hahaha.