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Progress shouldn't only be measured by how you look on the outside

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  • Progress shouldn't only be measured by how you look on the outside

    Have you ever noticed that we tend to measure our weight loss journey based on how we look on the outside? It's why before and after pictures are so popular. Everyone (including you) wants to see the transformation. However, losing weight is also an emotional journey. In addition to tracking your physical changes through photos, I think it's a god idea to also track how you mentally feel. After all, the before and after weight loss on the emotional side isn't always the same as what people see on the outside. In other words, you can be fat and happy and slim and miserable. It's important to not only pay attention to how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside, too. Does anyone track their emotions as they lose weight?

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    I never even thought to do that. it's probably a good idea to do it though. Thanks for the tip!


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      That's a very good point. It's funny that as I started losing weight, I had more energy and got more confidence but what I relaly focused on was how much more i had to go. It would be better if I also focus on how great I'm doing and how much of a difference my efforts are making. It's good to be reminded of these things. Thanks!


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        I agree! It's really good to remember the positive side of losing weight. It is really easy to focus only on the goal and the numbers and not on how you actually feel about it all. I naturally tend to think that if I'm slimmer I'll be happier, but being slimmer might not actually solve all my problems.