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Does any diet program really fit the holidays and Christmas?

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  • Does any diet program really fit the holidays and Christmas?

    Is there a diet plan or program of any kind that really lets you take part in the holidays and Christmas in any realistic way or are you pretty much breaking the rules no matter what you do?

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    I think any healthy diet that will be possible to keep up over the long-term would be one that takes things like holidays into account. Honestly, as long as you don't go too nuts on Christmas day itself and treat yourself normally on other days, one day of feasting shouldn't destroy all your great work. A good healthy diet would take that into account. It would be good enough that when you are reasonable on most days, one day of a big dinner and too many desserts won't be a massive setback...just keep it to one day!


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      If you mean does any diet program let you eat as much as you want at christmas and the holidays without stopping yourself? no...because it really does go against what the whole reason is for following one of those programs. On the other hand, a good program will take reality into account. It will guide you to keep on top of things most days so that one day where you let loose really won't have a bad impact. Still, if that one day stretches into lots...I really can't expect any diet program to give that the nod. It's just not what it's about.