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low fat bad?

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  • low fat bad?

    I know that there was a whole trend that said low fat was bad recently, but now I'm seeing research saying that low calorie and low fat are still some of the most effective diets. What's going on with that?

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    I've never heard of low fat being bad? I mean if something is lower in fat and calories it has to be good for weight loss at the very least. I think it's only a problem (low fat) if you eat too much of it. Otherwise, it should certainly help with shrinking your waistline. Maybe the low fat trend of it being bad was due to misinformation?


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      Honestly, what I think is more important than concentrating on low fat is making sure that you're getting good fat. Dump the fats from the process foods, stay away from the chicken skin and trim off the meat fat and opt for fats that come from fish, seeds, nuts and even avocado and olive oil. You should of course limit how much of these good fats you ingest (unless you want to pack on the pounds of course) but they're the fat to focus on getting in your diet. So, moral to this story...forget about low fat and go for the good fat.


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        I think it all depends on your starting point. If your diet has consisted of mostly fat until now, a lower fat eating strategy would be better for you and could help you to keep your calories under control so you'll be better able to lose weight. If you have been eating a pretty good balance of macro nutrients and nutrition then just watching your calories could be enough.


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          I think it's good to lower calories and fat, just not to the point that you're starving yourself. Obviously avoiding bad fats is key and keeping good fats in moderation. I'd recommend tracking what you're eating and then making changes based on what you consume and how much of it you consumer. Also, if you are going to go low-fat I do think it's best to stay away from pre-packaged low-fat products because they might be lower in fat but usually this means they's added other ingredients to compensate for flavor or texture.


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            Most of us eat too much fat in our diets anyway. For most of us, it's not a matter of a low fat diet but a lowER fat diet than what we're currently eating.