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Best way to lose weight in the new year

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  • Best way to lose weight in the new year

    I'm getting ready to have to lose all this holiday weight in the new year. Planning now so I can start then. What's the best strategy to get the weight back off again. I have about 5 new pounds so far. Likely more by the end of the year, but I'll want to lose more than that. No spam please.

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    Good plan to think it out now! I'd say just use an app like fitbit or my fitness pal to track calories, fitness and sleep. Those are the main things to focus on and an app will keep you accountable.


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      What did you decide on? I'm starting by telling myself that every single meal must consist of half vegetables and/or fruit. THe other half can be protein and whole grains and healthy fat, but half has to be veggies. Plus, I have to eat the veggies first. That way, if I get full, it's the higher calorie stuff that will be put away as leftovers.


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        add 1000 steps per day and cut 500 calories per day. Those 5 pounds will be gone in the first month or less!