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diet is most important but exercise DOES matter

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  • diet is most important but exercise DOES matter

    I get frustrated with pop health articles that see studies saying that diet is most important to weight loss and that exercise alone won't cause weight loss, making it look like exercise doesn't matter. It does. A lot! Exercise makes a huge difference to how many calories you can eat in a day while still maintaining a deficit, it helps you to feel energized and motivated, it helps you to reduce stress, it helps you to sleep better, and it helps your metabolism increase so you burn more calories even when you're idle. Also, it's considered the most important factor to preventing weight gain, so it helps you to stop regaining the weight you've lost both while you're trying to lose and while you're trying to maintain. Remember that newspapers often just want to sell headlines. For a complete story, look to a medical professional - preferably one not trying to sell you something!

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    Good point. It also helps to read a whole article. So often, titles are barely what's in the article at all. Click bait is so vital to news media now that the titles are just for clicks and hardly connected to the rest of what the article is about.