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Love yourself first, then weight loss

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  • Love yourself first, then weight loss

    Sappy moment because I'm a Nerdfighter and it's Esther Day where you're supposed to tell people you love them when you do. Don't forget to tell yourself that you love you. Do that by remembering to treat yourself right first and foremost, then you can move on and work on weight loss. You need to be included in the people you love and that should be reflected in the decisions you make for your weight loss.

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    Not sappy. Smart. Valuing yourself is important. Start with yourself and you'll be at your best for everyone else.


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      That's not sappy! More of us should be prioritizing self-respect and self-love. It helps us to know why we're making important changes in our lives on behalf of our health. It's not selfish. It's where loving and respecting others starts.


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        Yes. Good strategy. Start inside and work your way outward. It means you have a solid foundation to build on. Everything you do starts with you, so make you good.


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          That's a strong sentiment. We should remember that more for everything, not just losing weight.