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Is it too late for me to plant veggies?

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  • Is it too late for me to plant veggies?

    I decided that gardening veggies would be good for my weight control but I think i might have decided too late. Is there anything I can still plant? If so, what it is?

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    Probably not too late for a few faster growing seeds. Beans and peas should be fine if you want those. Just get them in the ground right now. Otherwise, just go to your garden center and grab up some seedlings. There should be things like tomatoes, maybe peppers and things like that. They're already sprouted and well on their way, so you're not starting from scratch. Buy some of those and plant them and you'll be at about the same level as people who started their seeds a couple of months ago. Enjoy! I hope it all works out great for you!


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      not too late! Just get stuff that has already started, like Whirlybird said. Also, don't get stuff like lettuce, spinach, and spring things. THey're coming to an end shortly. Get stuff like tomatoes and other things that can stand up to summer heat. The last thing you want is to get plants that will only burn when things really heat up. Leafies are best left to spring and fall.


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        I'd definitely still go for it. make sure to look for plants at your garden center that are really well along and you wont mis much of the harvest season!


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          Not sure if you'd gone for it yet. There are lots of plants that have two seasons throughout the summer. If you wait just a bit longer, we'll be starting the second one and you can put a lot of the things you'd usually grow in the spring into the ground so you can grow them in the late summer and early fall (until the frost). So spinach, beans, peas etc can start again late this month and in early august, once the hottest days have passed.


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            I know I'm late to this party but I thought I'd pipe in. This is the best time to start planting the second round of cooler weather crops, so you can definitely get started with those now even if you didn't start anything before. Leafies, beans, peas, and things like that are all good.