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don't punish yourself if you go off your plan for a minute

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  • don't punish yourself if you go off your plan for a minute

    When your goal is to stick to your plan, aim to stick to it all the time, but if one day you suddenly eat six cookies, don't punish yourself. Just pick yourself up and keep going with your plan. Don't give up on yourself. Just keep going. It'll happen, it's how you recover that makes the difference.

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    It's true. It's an important habit for pursuing any goal. Easier said than done though.


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      Don't punish yourself, definitely. That does nothing. But don't let yourself off the hook either. There are consequences to your actions. So when you suddenly go off script, acknowledge what you've done. Say to yourself "okay. I did that. Now I'm going to get back on the right track to be sure that my mistake was only a blip and not a habit." You don't need to feel guilty or anything. Don't beat yourself up. But take a moment to focus on the fact that you did it and how important it is to step back to where you should be so that it was a rare event and not a regular habit. By doing that, you keep yourself accountable, you remain aware, and you focus on where you need to be. Always moving forward.


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        Beating yourself up over things you've done doesn't help. Just move forward.


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          That's exactly what I mean. It's a tough attitude to adopt, but it's worth the effort to keep seeing things that way.