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Sleep is really good for you

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  • Sleep is really good for you

    Most of you probably already know that sleep is really good for you and you probably have heard that it's really important for weight loss and it's true! I just came across this study that was recently published that talked about the importance of sleep and weight loss and it was really interesting. It can help prevent metabolic syndrome and is really important for overall health. In case anyone wants to have a look, here's the study

    I've decided that I"m going to make a concerted effort to get better sleep. Do anyone know of any kind of tool or device that can accurately track sleep?

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    I knew that when you don't sleep you tend to crave things like pizza but I didn't relize that the difference for your weight loss was that big! Thanks for sharing this. I didn't even know that metabolic syndrome exists. Why aren't people talking about that more?


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      I have no idea! I think metabolic syndrome is something that should be talked about more, too. I wish more health stuff was explained so that we could make better decisions. Just saying you need to eat better, eat few calories and exercise more isn't enough anymore. I wish health and weight loss was treated more mainstream so you could actually easily find news and other media related to it. I mean, wouldn't it be neat if there was a commercial on TV that was not only about the diet pills you can take or the exercise machine you can buy but one that just talks about how you can make yourself better without some magic solution?


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        I feel dumb for asking this...but what is metabolic syndrome? It sounds kinda scary...