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What diet pill is best if you only want to lose a lot of weight?

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  • What diet pill is best if you only want to lose a lot of weight?

    Can anyone recommend a diet pill product that is good for losing a lot of weight? I'm looking for a long term solution. A lot of the pills I've seen on the market seem to be good for losing a few pounds. I want something that is really going to make a difference I can see.

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    I guess this wasn't a popular question LOL


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      Look for a product that is safe to be used for a long time with ingredients you trust. Find out what the average results are among users who have taken the pill. Don't fall for any pill that will tell you that you will lose a lot of weight fast. Look for pills that recommend that they should be taken with diet and exercise. Appetite suppressants tend to be the best long-term weight loss pills in my opinion.


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        Look for a diet pill that is designed for long term use and is safe for it. It's a good idea to choose, as Tracyk has suggested, an appetite suppressant, especially if hunger pangs is a problem for you. Long term weight loss comes from watching what you eat and exercising. A diet pill that can help you control your hunger can help you to make better food choices and lower the amount you eat, getting your body used to a new eating routine. If finding energy to exercise is problem for you, there are also diet pills that contain ingredients that will help to give your energy a boost. I would stay away from fat and carb blockers. The best diet pills are those that help you to make better lifestyle choices, not those that act like a crutch. Once you stop taking the diet pills you need to be able to stand on your own two feet.