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What do you know about diet pill ingredients?

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  • What do you know about diet pill ingredients?

    I have a question for anyone out there who has tried supplements for weight loss. Are there any specific ingredients that did or did not work for you? What effects did ingredients have on you, good or bad? I’m interested to hear what people have actually gone through with ingredients, instead of just hearing sales statements about individual pills.

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    I've had good luck with caffeine anhydrous. I think that's probably the ingredient that works the best for me. I definitely had more energy when I took a pill with it. At the same time, sometimes I did get jittery and had a hard time calming down, especially when I ingested too much additional caffeine. I personally think Garcinia Cambogia does nothing. That ingredient did not have any affect on me at all, from what I could tell.


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      That's a really good question, enviroTodd. I never really stopped to think abut what ingredients work. To be honest, how is it even possible to tell? If a pill contains several ingredients it is difficult to tell which ones are actually causing the effects you are feeling. Wouldn't you have to almost test them on an individual basis to know that?


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        Hmmm...I have no idea what effects the individual ingredients in the diet supplements I have taken had on me. I mean, I've had both good and bad side effects, but I could only guess at which ingredients might have caused them (ex, high energy caused by caffeine or guarana) but other than that I have no idea LOL. How could you tell how each ingredient is affecting you when they're blended into one formula?