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  • Thermogenics

    I've noticed that many OTC diet pills that claim they are the best claim to be thermogenic fat burners. What ingredients in a diet pill make a thermogenic and does thermogenesis actually cause enough fat burning that you'd lose weight?

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    There are a lot of thermogenics out there. Most of them are stimulants like caffeine and synephrine (bitter orange/citrus aurantium) but there’s also things like hot chili pepper/capsicum that do it without stimulants. Some are safe, some aren’t. Some are effective, some aren’t. Any of the ones that are effective have to be used in certain quantities to work. It’s a lot to take in.


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      Exactly what Bethie said. There are a lot of thermogenics and not all of them are good for you. Lots of pills contain more than one thermogenic, most of us just don't realize it because we don't know the effects of all the ingredients that are in a formula. I personally think that themogenesis can cause fat burning because it requires energy to heat up your body and to make heat, your body needs to burn calories. That said, I've also heard that it's important to make sure you keep well hydrated when taking thermogenics to replenish any water your body may be losing from sweating from the heat and to cool yourself down.


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        Charlotte is right. Stay hydrated and pay attention for signs of overheating


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          Thanks for all your input. If I do take pills that are considered to be thermogenics I'll be careful.