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Need healthy lunch ideas that can travel

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  • Need healthy lunch ideas that can travel

    Back at the office and already sick of eating microwavable instant meals. I need easy but healthy lunch ideas that I can bring with me. I have a fridge and a microwave available, as well as a kettle, once I get to the office. Ideas?

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    There's always the classic salad. Just pack the lettuce separately from everything else and it will stay crisp. Bring a lean protein like chicken breast or boiled eggs to make it very filling.


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      Nothing wrong with sandwiches. Use whole grain bread or buns, skip the mayo and use mustard instead, then just add lean deli meats like grilled chicken. Beyond that, pile on the veggies - lettuce, bell peppers, pickles, tomatoes, onions (unless you have a meeting haha), and so on!


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        If you're already eating healthy dinners, just make some extra and pack it into a container that you can bring the next day. That way, you get all the healthy meal you want without any extra prep time.