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How bad is beef or turkey gravy?

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  • How bad is beef or turkey gravy?

    Is gravy from a roast beef or a turkey really that bad? If I drizzle 2 or 3 tablespoons on white meat or on mashed potatoes, am I really doing that much damage? Is it like pouring melted butter on my food or is it not that bad?

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    I honestly think if you drizzle a bit of gravy on your food it's not going to hurt anything. As long as your food isn't swimming in it, you should be fine. If you really want to control it, you can always put the gravy in a small container so you can control how much you have an either pour that on your food or dip your food into the container.


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      I wouldn’t worry about it this time of year. Drizzle what you want on your meal and enjoy yourself. Personally, I’m going to worry about watching all the extra fats and things once the holidays are over. Be kind to yourself. The few extra drippings of gravy isn’t going to make a difference to your goals in the long run.


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        Gravy is riddled with fat and salt. That said, if you're doing well on most days, adding gravy to your plate on a few celebration days throughout the year will only do wonders for your mental health, so just go for it. Don't make a gravy soup on your plate, but enjoy yourself. That's why we work so hard the rest of the days to be good about what we eat. So that when there's gravy, we can enjoy it.


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          Happy New Year everyone! Hope you got to enjoy your gravy PamelaPoison! I do agree with everyone else that as long as you're not eating it all the time and you don't drown your food in it, enjoying the gravy you love on special occasions is a definite must!


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            Thanks. I pretty much lost control and went for it, having far more gravy than I meant to. I guess that's what this year is for. Making up for last year. I had good intentions, at least.