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How do you burn more fat?

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  • How do you burn more fat?

    Can 3Gburn help me burn more fat? If so, how is this possible? Is it because it will boost my metabolism so my body will burn more calories? I know you have to eat properly and exercise to get the most out of this diet pill, I was just curious if anyone knew specifically what it was about it that helped to burn more fat.

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    I think it has thermogenic ingredients in it, so this has the potential to increase fat burning, especially when combined with exercise. I mean, when it comes to fat burning and this or any other diet pill, it really comes down to how active you are.


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      I think that's it. Thermogenic and energy boosting ingredients. If you eat right and exercise, it will help you to perform better and get more out of everything you do. If you just take the pill on its own, it likely won't do much for your scale. But if you combine it with fat burning workouts, you'll do better on them. It's more support to prime your body to be its best fat burner, instead of just doing the work for you.


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        Exactly. I mean, we'd all like to take a pill that does the work for us....but until they make that, pills like these can be helpful. I know when I used to take it did give a boost of energy which definitely helped me to get the most out of my workouts. Hopefully it will benefit you in a similar way TracyK