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What's the best exercise?

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  • What's the best exercise?

    If I want to get the maximum benefit from FenFast I know that I've got to eat right, watch my calories and exercise. I'm on top of the first two, but I want to know what exercises would be the absolute best for blasting fat while I"m taking this pill? Should I just be focusing on cardio? If so, how much and how intensely?

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    I personally like going for a very brisk walk for about a half hour. I do that pretty much every day but I'm not hard on mysefl if i miss a day or two. Then I do a day of weight training each week. I know I should do more but i don't like it lol


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      Haha! Tanks for your honesty! I'm not really a strength training person myself. I don't mind walking or the occasional yoga, but I find I'm much better with exercise that gets me moving than the stuff that requires me to be calm and stretch or lift weights and stuff, even though I know these exercises are good for me, too


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        You need to do cardio for the most fat burning during the workout. You need to do strength training for the most fat burning while you're idle. You need to do flexibility training (yoga, pilates, tai chi, etc) so that you don't hurt yourself during cardio and strength training.