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  • Exercise reminder!!

    I just want to drop a little line to remind those who are taking FenFast or for those who are thinking about taking it that you MUST exercise when using this product if you want to see weight loss results. A friend of mine was taking it and was complaining about not having lost much weight and I found out he wasn't exercising. Don't expect this pill to work on it's own. it is an aid not a miracle. Also, when I mean exercise, I mean a good combination of cardio and strength training. Losing weight isn't just about eating less or eating healthier, it's about burning off the fat you've built up over time.

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    That's a really good reminder. We focus so much on diet that it's easy to let exercise go forgotten off to the side. Especially if we've been good eating it can feel like a workout might not be needed when it really is!


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      I agree with MadMike. It is easy to forget to exercise, especially when you become comfortable with a routine or you are busy with everyday life chores. Good Tip Tony1968


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        You got it! Exercise is key to any effective weight loss program.


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          It's true. I hate to admit it because I don't always feel like exercising, but it really is important. I tried dieting just by cutting back on calories. I was really hungry all the time and my weight loss was SLOW.