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Trimthin x700 is my new fav

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  • Trimthin x700 is my new fav

    I'd been using other pills before, still from Intechra, but over the last two and a half months, Trimthin x700 is my new favorite. I think I just need the extra energy power. I was really battling that dragging feeling before. I couldn't motivate myself because I felt tired. Now I'm up and getting it all done, including two 15 minute workouts on most days at my highest performance level. Just wanted to share that because I found it interesting that what I used to feel was my best pill has changed.

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    That's so great to hear PennyThoughts! It's always so great when you find something that you like and that makes such a positive difference, isn't it? I've been debating on what diet pill to try and after reading this, I'm now thinking of giving Trimthin a try. Hopefully it will work for me as good as it's working for you! Best of luck in reaching your goal


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      I just started using this one to try to get myself to use my home gym. I've been struggling to get motivated and energized without going to my actual gym. Without a buddy system or the fact that I paid for the membership to push me, I was slacking a lot. The energy from TRIMTHIN makes a big difference to get me moving.