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Is there a diet to go with Trimthin?

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  • Is there a diet to go with Trimthin?

    I know that prescription diet pills are usually given out with recommendations for certain things that a patient should do to lose weight.

    Is there a similar idea for Trimthin? I know that they work best when you also eat right and exercise most days, but that’s pretty general. Does anyone know if there is a specific diet, like zone or atkins or weight watchers or any of those that would work best with these pills so that you can lose the most weight the fastest?

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    I think it really depends on you. If you're not sure, it's likely a good idea to talk to your doctor. The concept behind it is to eat fewer calories (hence the appetite suppressant) and exercise more (hence the energy boost). The metabolism increasing feature of the pill would work best if your exercises are cardio. Good luck!


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      Bruce is right. It's a good idea to talk to your doctor, or even a professional dietician. Eating low-cal and low-fat foods, as well as reducing your portion sizes will help. As for their being a specific diet like Zone or Atkins working best with TrimThin, I personally don't think there is. It's really just a matter of a lot of exercising and eating low-cal and low-fat foods. Stay away from refined sweets, processed foods, reduce your carb intake, up your veggies intake, cut out the juice, soda, and other sugary drinks, and drink lots of water.


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        Weight watchers is a good 1 2 try with trimthin. If u r not sure what diet is best, a diet program like weight watchers can help u get on track and help u create a diet that will benefit ur weight loss goals. Its not always easy 2 know what kind of diet is best when u want 2 lose the most weight. Try different things until u find 1 that works. Thats what I do. Good luck