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can you trust dr. Oz?

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  • can you trust dr. Oz?

    I think the guy knows what he’s talking about and I think his heart is in the right place, but he’s recommended dozens of “miracle” he wrong?

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    Maybe I'm a sucker but I believe him. He's not guaranteeing anything. He's just pointing out promising new discoveries. I do wish he'd wait until they are proven, though.


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      I wouldn't trust what Dr. Oz says. He makes claims before they are proven. In many cases his claims have been proven wrong. Honestly, that guy's show is like watching an infomercial. If you want a REAL medical opinion, talk to your doctor. Don't listen to a celebrity doctor on TV.


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        Dr. OZ is an educated man, there is no doubt about that, but in my opinion the fact that he's a TV celebrity raises a few red flags. As KittyKatt pointed out, he recommends a lot of things that have yet to be proven effective. That isn't very reassuring and the more he recommends products and the more they are disproved or his claims lack evidence, the more he sounds like a quack. Trust your real doctor, not a TV celebrity.