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How many stimulants are too much?

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  • How many stimulants are too much?

    I know that usually the best diet pill products contain stimulants, but how many stimulants are too much and how can you tell which ingredients are stimulants?

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    The fewer the better. Personally, I think anything over two or three is crossing a line. The trouble is the more stimulant there are in a product, the greater you risk of having adverse affects.


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      A little bit doesn't hurt. Something that gives you a cup of coffee or two in a day if you already drink coffee (and are willing to give up the actual coffee while you're taking it or switch to decaf) isn't gonig to change things too much for you but it keeps you feeling like you're not dragging even though you're shrinking your calories


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        Finding out which ingredients are stimulants themselves or contain stimulants can be a tricky process. Unfortunately, the only way to really find out is to research each ingredient in a product individually. This can be a long and tedious process but it is worth your time. Also, don't forget that some ingredients can have several different names.


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          Bleh. Why is everything never easy when it comes to diet pills and ingredients!


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            M-Stark334, It just seems like nothing is easy these days, period. It's not just diet pills LOL