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  • probiotics

    I have been considering the use of supplementation of probiotics to help to enhance the healthiness of my lifestyle. While I am a firm believer that whole foods are the best way to achieve overall good health and that supplementation should be a last resort, only when you know that your diet and good efforts will not bring you the nutrition that you need, I am unsure as to whether or not I am getting enough probiotics in my diet and so I am thinking about supplementing.

    What I would like to know is if anyone else has tried this and if they feel that they have received any benefit from doing so. I know that this is a difficult question because it isn’t exactly something that has large visible benefits outside of better overall health, but any experiences – good or bad – will be helpful in making my decision.

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    Aren't probiotics bacteria? Can they put that in a pill?


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      Probiotic supplements (in pill form) do exist and they can be just as beneficial for you as obtaining probiotics from food. However, you just need to make sure that you are obtaining supplements that contain the probiotic bacteria you need. Some people believe that taking a really good probiotic supplement can actually be more beneficial for your health than obtaining it through food. Personally, I've never tried a probiotic supplement, but it is something I'm thinking about doing now lol


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        How much probiotics do you actually need in your diet? Wouldn't eating a good yogurt that has all of the right bacteria cultures in it be enough? Is it really necessary to take supplements?


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          I'm with Janet on this one. Do you really need to take probiotic supplements? I think I'm happy with my yogurt, too.


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            Ive never taken any but 1 of my friends who is really big on health has done it. I asked her about it & she said that she didnt really notice a difference. I dont know if that means anything cause maybe she wasnt doing it right or maybe there is no noticeable effects. Perhaps give it a try & see what u think


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              Lady Greenfairy, thank you for the insight. It helped quite a bit in allowing me to make my decision. I feel that I will go ahead and research the best quality probiotics supplement so that I can keep my health up to where it should be. I am a strong believer in doing what I can to keep control over my own health.

              Janet and JennyR, that was one of the things that made me wonder, but Lady Greenfairy has a point that the ones that you take in supplements are better than the ones in food. Also, even if they are better in food, I want to make sure that I am being consistent with my intake, so supplements are a very good choice.

              BabyButtons, thank you very much for your insight. It is hard to tell the difference because it’s not curing anything, it is just promoting better overall health. I will give it a try, though, and if I notice any difference, I’ll let you know.


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                No problem! Looking forward 2 hearing what u think!