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    how dangerous are prescription diet drugs versus the help they give? Like, are side effects likely but mild, but the benefits are you really do lose a lot of weight? or could they make you really sick and you only lose a bit?

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    It all depends on the individual. Some people can tolerate them well with few mild symptoms or no unpleasant symptoms at all, while others just can't tolerate them at all. How beneficial these diet drugs are for you depends on how committed you are to sticking to a new diet, behavioral changes and exercise that your doctor recommends. They should help you feel less hungry and give you an energy boost, so if you tolerate them well and stick to your conventional weight loss strategy methods, they should be able to help you lose weight.


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      They could make you sick and no really help with weight loss at all, but this isn't common. For those who are considered the proper candidates for these drugs, while mild side effects are common and maybe unpleasant at time, they shouldn't be unbearable. I think the hardest thing about being on these pills would be sticking to the diet and exercise changes you need to adopt. Essentially it's your commitment to these that determines how much weight you lose. These pills don't work miracles on their own.


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        They could be pretty dangerous. They're usually safe for the people they're prescribed to as long as they're used according to the directions exactly. Still, there is a chance of side effects that can be severe so you need to be careful.


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          They can be safe for those to whom they are prescribed. Not just anyone can obtain these drugs. You need to meet certain criteria and be in a certain state of health to be considered for it. Even then, to reduce your risk of getting bad side effects, you need to take the pills exactly as has been directed. It's like any prescription medication that is prescribed to treat any health condition. Adverse effects are possible and sometimes these drugs help people and sometimes they don't. Just remember that even when it comes to weight loss drugs, how much you lose depends on how well you follow the directions prescribed to you, including dosage, diet, exercise and behavioral changes.


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            When you're prescribed these drugs, your doctor will have decided that they are most likely to be safe for you and will have chosen the lowest dose to get the effects you want. This is the same risk taken when you're prescribed any prescription drug.