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Should you take a probiotic with a diet pill?

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  • Should you take a probiotic with a diet pill?

    Since gut health is really important to weight and overall wellness, is it a good idea to take a probiotic to boost up a diet pill or is that not how things work?

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    Good question! I think if your microbiome needs help, a probiotic would help you no matter if you are taking a diet pill or not. If you've got a pretty good balance going on, I don't imagine it would make much of a difference if you started taking a probiotic supplement. That's just my guess.


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      Couldn't hurt. As long as you choose a good probiotic, it can only benefit your body. Just avoid getting a cheap one or one that has bad reviews. They're not all equally good.


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        I dont think it would make much of a difference. A diet pill works or it doesn't. It doesn't matter if you take probiotics.