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Loving energy diet pills in the afternoon!

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  • Loving energy diet pills in the afternoon!

    The energy from caffeine in diet pills in the afternoon has been life changing since the start of april. Can I tell you how I'm not so unbelievably tired from about 2 to 5 anymore? It's like I just got so much more of my day back and now I have time to actually prep food and do bits of workouts now and again - plus a million other things. Try this out!!!!

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    That's such a good feeling! I don't know why but a coffee in the afternoon makes me sleepy but the right diet pills with caffeine will energize me. Isn't it the same stimulant? Either way, it works and I'm always grateful for it.


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      I should look into that too. My afternoons are just killing me lately. From about 3 to 5 I feel completely useless. All I can think about is how tired i am.


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        I just discovered the same thing! I know this is an old thread, but it's a new thing for me. I can't believe the difference it makes. Isn't impacting my sleep either, so I haven't got one complaint!


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          I find that energy pills are more useful in the afternoon than in any other point in the day. In the morning, I start off groggy but can still push myself forward and a coffee will usually help me. But I don't get the same thing in the afternoon. It's like nothing will pull me out of it, but then energy diet pills have just that much more edge that they keep me from hitting that low point that all I want to do is sleep. I've had luck with a couple of different supplements that do this.


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            They don't keep you up at night at all? No sleep struggles?