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    I know that there have been studies which have proved that green tea can be beneficial for weight loss. However, how exactly does it assist weight loss and does it need to be a specific type of green tea. Also, how much do you need to take in order for it to work? Is the amount that is found in a lot of OTC weight loss supplements sufficient for the most part?

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    I don't think there have been studies that have proved that it is beneficial for weight lsos. I think there have been studies that show it can increase fat burning but I don't know if they've reached the point that a doctor would say the ingredient is proven with weight loss. I don't think they've ever compared decaf green tea with regular green tea, either. Who knows if it's the caffeine maybe? I mean, it really may do a lot. It wouldn't suprise me since it's so good for you and everything. But I just don't think it's reached the proven status yet.


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      I don't think it needs to be a specific type of green tea. Isn't one green tea essentially tehs ame as the next? I think you need around 500mg per day but I could be wrong?


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        I agree with you brightstar it's not proven for weight loss. It can help you with fat burning, particularly when you workout, but just because you burn fat doesn't mean you lose weight. I also think you're right PamelaPoison, it's 500 mg. And, all green tea is good. So try different flavours . I recently discovered this new one with turmeric in it! It's so yummy!


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          Thanks for your input. I really wish there was something that was proven...