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How many pills per day?

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  • How many pills per day?

    I’ve been googling diet pills and there are some that say you just take one per day and I just saw one that says you have to take six (!!!) at each meal, so 18 per day. How many is really best to have to take every day? One per meal? Two during the first two meals? One daily?

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    I think that you should follow the directions that are provided on the bottle. If they say take 1 or if they say take 6 I would trust that this is the dose they are recommending. I would also take a look at how many pills make up one serving size. Also, if the product wants you to take a lot of pills per day, I would first assess my tolerance and take half of the recommended dose. It might turn out that this is all you need


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      I agree that you should just follow the instructions on the bottle of the product you're taking. If you want to assess your tolerance take half the recommended dose. That said, I wouldn't take any product that didn't provide me with serving size information. I also wouldn't trust a product that told me to take a pill late in the afternoon or evening if it contains stimulants like caffeine, this will increase your risk of sleep troubles.