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Does being obese automatically mean you can get these?

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  • Does being obese automatically mean you can get these?

    If you're obese and you ask your doctor for a prescription diet pill, will you automatically qualify for them, or do you have to have other things wrong with you, too?

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    It depends on certain factors. If you are obese and otherwise healthy (including not pregnant, or nursing a baby), you would probably qualify for them if you and your doctor feel that this is the best treatment option for you.

    However, if you're obese and you have a lot of other medical problems, too, you may not qualify for the drug, because the risk of taking it may outweigh the benefits due to it potentially negatively interacting with your other medication conditions or any other medications you may be taking.

    Also, sometimes people who are overweight (close to obesity but not quite obese) and who are at an increased risk of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and other weight-related medical conditions, may also qualify for the drug.

    Hope that helps


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      Depends on the doctor and your overall health. Only way to really know is by consulting your doc. You planning on taking prescription meds Bethie?


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        I agree. It's not an automatic. It has to be safe for you and it has to be worth the risk.


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          I think there's a bit you have to go through like trying to diet on your own first.