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Exercises you can do at your desk

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  • Exercises you can do at your desk

    What are some good exercises to do at a desk when you need to stay put for work? Do those peddlers under the desk work good? I'm talking limited space so please keep that in mind with suggestions. No room for jumping jacks.

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    sitting normally at your desk, raise your feet straight up (don't extend your legs, keep the knees bent) about 6 inches off the floor. Hold, then lower slowly back down. Do this in sets of 8 throughout the day. Over time, if you can raise them to 1 foot off the floor (you'll likely have to turn so you're not facing your desk to do this) go for it. It really helps your core!


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      Anything with small hand weights. 2 pounds or 5 pounds are still small. You can keep them under the desk and just pick them up and do a few moves while still seated.


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        Can you just stand a lot of the time, or walk on the spot? If you're on the phone and not actually typing - or if you can raise your keyboard - then at least it's better than sitting