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Red Lentils Side Dish

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  • Red Lentils Side Dish

    It’s not easy coming up with side dishes with dinner all of the time. Well, at least I always found it difficult. I grew up in a family where a dinner consisted of red meat, chicken or fish, a side of vegetables, and a side that was potatoes, rice, or noodles. After a while, the can get pretty tiresome. Recently I’ve fallen in love with red lentils. Lentils are super healthy for you, are cheap and can be served in many ways. Personally red is my favorite, but you can also get green and brown lentils.

    For anyone who hasn’t tried them before and is interested, the following is an easy recipe for my favorite lentil side dish.

    You will need:

    - 1 cup of dried red lentils
    - ½ lb of tomatoes
    - 5 garlic cloves
    - 4 tsp olive oil
    - 1 tsp of lemon juice
    - 1 tsp of salt

    How to do it:

    Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Chop and mince garlic and cook in the pot until they turn golden. Peel and mince tomatoes and add them to the pot. Cook for about 8 minutes. Add 2 ½ cups of water and lentils. Bring the pot and ingredients to a boil, cover the pot and lower the temperature. Let this simmer for about 30 minutes. Finally, add the lemon juice and salt and mix well. Then, you’re ready to serve.

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    Looks pretty good JokerzWild. I've never personally tried lentils of any variety. It'll be nice to try a new side. Thanks!


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      Thanks for the recipe. I'll try that out. I actually prefer red lentils to the green ones so this works for me.


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        Yum, yum, yum, I'm so glad that I read this before I grocery shopped today. I'll definitely be scooping up red lentils at the supermakret today so that I can make this for dinner tonight. MMM thanks so much


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          I tried this for supper last night. I didn't have cloves, but I had the rest of the ingredients. It's quite nice. I found that there was a bit of a wateriness to its "sauce" but that could be because I used canned tomatoes and not fresh ones. The flavor was great. I'll make this again.


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            This sounds really good and I know that lentils are supposed to be really healthy for you. Thanks for sharing.

            Brightstar - I think you might be right about the wateriness being linked to canned tomatoes. I've experienced this same problem when I've used them in other recipes. Oh well, they still taste great


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              Mmmm red lentils. This is a great recipe Jokerzwild. If you like red lentils, you might also like red lentil soup.


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                Glad to share, everyone.

                Tracy K - Yes, I have had red lentil soup and it's great!