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Is stew healthy?

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  • Is stew healthy?

    I've been making foods like stew less frequently over the last few winters because it seems like it probably isn't healthy because of all the red meat, potatoes and probably fats. Am I wrong though?Is it better for you than, say, a burger and baked potato?

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    Yes. I think it's way better for you than a burger and baked potato. Stew, especially if it includes lots of veggies to go along with the starch and meat, is a fantastic way to get a lot of great nutrients!


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      I always thought it was and I sure hope it is. That's mostly what my diet consists of in the winter LOL. If you're worried about stews with meat, there are plenty of vegetarian options with beans and other good stuff, too.


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        If it's loaded with veggies, sure it is! If it's just meat, potatoes and sauce, not so much. If you've got carrots, greens and other veggies in there, of course it is!