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Favorite easy spring recipes?

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  • Favorite easy spring recipes?

    Done with winter, not warm enough for summer. What are your favorite spring recipes that are easy and fast to make and that are relatively healthy? I need inspiration. Thanks in advance!

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    Grab any veggies you like, then saute. Serve with a minute-steak with pepper on it, or just with a fried egg on brown rice. So good. I like the combination of onions, asparagus and a bell pepper. It has that halfway between spring and summer feel to it.


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      I love anything that is grown locally at this time of the year. It all tastes good as long as it's super in season. Asparagus, early types of berry, spinach. It's all fantastic. Go to your farmer's market. Find out what was just grown, then ask the seller's favorite way to prepare it. Best recipes you'll ever enjoy!