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Lots of fiber is great but too much is not

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  • Lots of fiber is great but too much is not

    I've been having digestive struggles for the last several months. I've been confused because I've been eating healthier and healthier (with an exception around christmas). Then I started eating a few of the stuff I used to eat, just out of laziness to be honest. Like white pasta and whole wheat bread instead of whole grain pasta and essentially no bread. Suddenly, my digestive struggles are fading away. I think I was eating way too much fiber with all that healthy food!

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    Oh wow you must really have been eating healthy. It's reached the point that refined white flour is actually better for you! Glad you found the solution. That had to have been uncomfortable.


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      Good that you found your way to a better balance. Are you tracking your fiber intake now, so you can be sure you're getting enough but not going over and upsetting your stomach again?